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Educators, Thinkers, and Artists we love and the wonderful creations they provide.


Thinking Mats

This is a self-directed tool that helps free up the teacher and is student-led. The best part is that kids love it and it helps them build strong relationships with each other that lets them feel heard. It turns problems into teachable moments and allows for kids to handle their problems in real time . It’s a real game-changer for all of us.


Professor Whoa

Professor Whoa engages scholars, reinforces learning goals, enriches the classroom experiences and provides teachers and parents with supplemental resources that bridge the gap between culture and instruction.



Nichole Evans is pioneering Black fantasy in her art style. She pushes against the boundaries of expectation, allowing herself to play around the infinite "what if," creating whatever song her heart deems to sing. She makes art you can feel.

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