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Audio Theatre
{ah-dee-oh thee-uh-ter}
a form of story based, performance entertainment designed around the stimulus of non visual senses; it is a carefully crafted invitation of the mind to dive so deeply into imagination, that all thoughts of the surface are forgotten until the last lingering note of the farewell score.

What if cute dinosaurs taught children life lessons through spunky adventures and fun songs?

What if a Witch God with a flair for the dramatic toyed with her prey? 

What if the grandson of Mace Windu's best friend was part of a Jedi Shadow Force that Windu co-founded to cover the Order's blind spots?

What if a ruthless Gunslinger needed living biotech on another planet to heal the soil of his mother's land so his family didn't die?

Each of these is underscored by a single question: What would that sound like? We invite you to explore the myriad of offerings on our playground, and to play with us during audition openings throughout the year. Audio Theatre is accessible multimedia storytelling, that even young kids can be trained in. Anybody can pick up this tool and build the playground of their dreams.

The Wu-Tang of Voiceover

Welcome to the hottest "droppin bombs atomically" voice acting crew in the game! Have questions about VO that you want answered? Scroll to the bottom of their bios and send it on in!


Voice Actor

He’s the smart and smooth storyteller with the latter-day swagger of Billy Dee Williams, the polish of Sidney Poitier, and universal appeal of Morgan Freeman. . . along with the dignified baritone and breadth of Sam Elliot, James Earl Jones, Lance Reddick and Dennis Haysbert.

He’s Damon Alums. . .and welcome to the world of Urban Legend Voiceover.

Damon continuously works at his own professional home studio, voicing scripts for T.V., radio, the World Wide Web, audiobooks, and other media. Contact him today at (209) 565-1672 for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss bringing your project to life!

Voice Actor/Stage Actor

Kimberly Bonny, Owner/CEO of Lantern VO, discovered a poetic beauty in the symbolism of a hot mic being the beam of light peering tirelessly through the darkness- an especially poignant metaphor during these COVID-19 affected times.


Even though we may not have a say over the procession of the world around us, that does not mean our voice is without significance. Or power. Specializing in commercials, IVR, animation, and narration, Kimberly is prepared to bring that significance and power to any project you can conceive.


Voice Actor

Andrew is an award-winning Voice Actor based just outside Atlanta. Unlike other Voice Actors, Andrew found his voice behind the podium in his hometown of Washington, DC.  Instead of the stage, a career in marketing gave him an edge in understanding his clients' copy because he was once in their shoes. When you work with Andrew, you're working with a Voice Actor who you can truly say is, "One of us".

Voice Actor/Film-TV Actor

Atticus Batacan is the consummate acting powerhouse, dominating screen, stage, and audio with equal force and dexterity. A veteran McDonald’s commercial voice actor as well as having inhabited a litany of characters from biotech droids to quirky blue dinosaurs, you can always be sure of a good time when Atticus is on the mic. Afterall, when it comes to voice bending in ways you would never guess it’s still him- no one bends it like Batacan.


Voice Actor

Myles Sands is a voice actor with range and chops far beyond this world. His natural voice bears an unexpected soulful gravitas, invoking feelings of James Earl Jones and Shakespeare simultaneously. This leaves you wide open for the delightful surprise of how he can stretch and mold his voice to embody any character you can throw at him. From video game characters, to space pilots, to gods, Myles Sands stands tall as the future of voice acting.


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