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Meet Mr. Josh

Josh Evans, frequently known as Mr. Josh, is pioneering the next wave of accessible mixed media storytelling across genres. He is a published poet, educator, writer, director, and producer based in Southern California with a passion for pushing storytelling out into the wild. He believes stories are at their best when allowed to breathe, to be honest, and to surprise you. Respect of the craft, a daring to experiment, and detailed attention to high quality can all co-exist.


He is a maximalist of the highest order.


Yet, just as no universe consists of a single planet, neither does Mr. Josh exist unto himself. He is surrounded by his immensely talented family, and has had the distinct privilege of working with amazingly gifted genre spanning artists who have become family. Between these two families, he realized that there is always room at the table- and that there is always more family out there.


"High Form Family" is the crystallization of a commitment to always present the best in caliber, while also opening doors and inviting others onto the playground based on who they are as people, rather than their status in society.

"Everything we touch, changes

Everything we change, changes us."

-Octavia E. Butler

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